Mission & Vision

Full-Circle Approach

Frontier Valley School Building

Our whole-child approach nurtures our students, as well as fosters risk-taking and a growth mindset. Our teachers strive to create classroom environments that provide authentic learning experiences. Students have the gift of exploring and honing their talents in art, music and PE. We utilize the Thinking Strategies and the workshop model to increase rigor and critical thinking with our students. We value parent involvement and offer a multitude of opportunities to volunteer and be an active part of our educational process.

We believe…
…that the social/emotional wellness of our students is at the heart of who our children at Frontier Valley are as learners.
…in the importance of our students coming to school feeling safe, being an impactful member of our learning community, and developing into responsible and caring citizens.
…that children who explore, communicate, and are immersed in rich experiences are empowered to become innovative and critical thinkers who impact our world beyond Frontier Valley Elementary.
…that children who are provided with rigorous, relevant, and challenging instruction will reach their highest potential as learners and citizens.
…that tapping into the parents, families, and community surrounding our school, our students will thrive.

Encouraging, exploring, extending…