2021-2022 1st-5th Registration

Families who do not currently attend Frontier Valley and wish to enroll a child in grades 1-5 for the 2021-2022 school year may submit an enrollment packet and required documentation.  Packets will be date stamped and processed in the order of receipt later in the spring.

Below is a list of documents to be printed and completed for students who are new to Frontier Valley Elementary.

These forms are only for students who are new to Frontier Valley.   Current students do not need to be re-registered!

Registration Packet

Your Registration Packet will include:
  • Registration Checklist
  • Registration Packet
  • Pick-Up Permission Form
  • Records Release/Request Form
  • Parent/Guardian Media Consent Form
  • Migrant Education Form (required to be completed)
  • Student Residency Questionnaire
  • Copy of IEP/Special Education Records (if applicable)