Educational Assistants

Debby Beemster

Favorite Hot Drink: Vanilla Latte
Favorite Cold Drink: Green Iced Tea
Favorite School Supply: Colored Pens, Pretty Post Its
Favorite Restaurant: Hickory House
Favorite Snack: Wasabi Almonds
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Store: Amazon
Favorite Flower: Daisy

Joey Nicholas

Favorite Hot Drink: Latte
Favorite Cold Drink: Diet Mt Dew
Favorite School Supply: Chromebook
Favorite Restaurant: Chick Fil A
Favorite Snack: Reeses
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Store: Amazon

Rebecca James

Favorite Hot Drink: Chia Tea Latte
Favorite Cold Drink: Iced Tea
Favorite School Supply: Fun Pens
Favorite Restaurant: Melting Pot
Favorite Snack: Crumbl Cookie, Chips and Queso
Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Store: Target
Favorite Flower: Tulip

Laura Surritte

Favorite Hot Drink: Vanilla Latte, Snickerdoodle Latte, White Chocolate Mocha
Favorite Cold Drink: Vanilla Frappucino, Tart Cherry Kombucha, Smoothie - Orange Crush
Favorite School Supply: Colored Papermate Felt Tip Pens, Sharpies
Favorite Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory, Hacienda Colorado, Colonna's Pizza
Favorite Snack: Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate!
Favorite Color: Purple, turquoise
Favorite Store: Amazon, Maurices, Target, Costco
Favorite Flower: Roses & Tulips

Connie Mueller - Librarian

Favorite Hot Drink: Coffee
Favorite Cold Drink: Coffee
Favorite School Supply: Stapler
Favorite Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse
Favorite Snack: Nuts
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Store: Amazon
Favorite Flower: Sweetie

Larissa Hentz - EA4

Favorite Hot Drink: Chamomile Tea or Mocha
Favorite School Supply: Clorox Wipes
Favorite Restaurant: Starbucks
Favorite Snack: Salty Goodies
Favorite Color: Blue or Pink
Favorite Store: Hobby Lobby or Michaels
Favorite Flower: All

Enid Mazola-Pietri - EA4

Favorite Hot Drink: Mocha
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Store: Target

Marianne Joiner - EA4

Favorite Hot Drink: Earl Grey Latte (no sugar)
Favorite School Supply: Permanent Markers
Favorite Snack: Trail Mix
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Store: Tagawa
Favorite Flower: Tulips

Melissa Bostelman - EA4

Favorite Hot Drink: Chia Tea Latte with Soy
Favorite Cold Drink: Water with Mio
Favorite School Supply: Colored Pencils
Favorite Restaurant: Tacos!
Favorite Snack: Popcorn
Favorite Color: Gray or Blue
Favorite Store: Target
Favorite Flower: Daisy

Danica Justice - EA4

Favorite Hot Drink: Nonfat Carmel Latte
Favorite Cold Drink: Mocha Frappachino
Favorite School Supply: Classroom Decorations
Favorite Restaurant: Hapa Sushi & Maggianos
Favorite Snack: Snack Pack Cashews
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Store: Maurices & Atheta
Favorite Flower: Stargazer Pink Lillies