Second Grade

Mrs. Ashley Rousey

Favorite Hot Drink: Nonfat Latte
Favorite Cold Drink: Iced Tea or Cherry Limeade
Favorite School Supply: Fun markers, pens, pencils
Favorite Restaurant: Hacienda & Torchy's
Favorite Snack: Trail Mix or anything with mint
Favorite Color: Yellow and Green
Favorite Store: Target and Anthroplogie
Favorite Flower: Peony and Lilac


Mrs. Jennifer Hensley

Favorite Hot Drink: Latte
Favorite Cold Drink: Cherry Limeade or Iced Tea
Favorite School Supply: Smelly or Skinny Markers
Favorite Restaurant: Torchy'sTacos, Hapa or any sandwich place!
Favorite Snack: Popcorn
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Store: Target, Nordstrom & Amazon
Favorite Flower: Iris, Tulips & Sunflowers

Mrs. Kristin Spearman

Favorite Hot Drink: Nonfat 3 pump Latte
Favorite Cold Drink: Ice Coffee with Soy Milk (No Sweetener)
Favorite School Supply: Bic Cristal Pens
Favorite Restaurant: Mod Pizza, Outback & Qdoba
Favorite Snack: Crumbl Sugar Cookie
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Store: TJ Maxx, Michaels, Joann
Favorite Flower: Any!