Fourth Grade

Mrs. Courtney Barondeau

Favorite Hot Drink: Peppermint Tea
Favorite Cold Drink: Iced Espresso, Pink Drink, Peach Tea, Dt. Coke, and Kombucha
Favorite School Supply: Scratch and sniff stickers (!!) scented markers, lined note pads, fun pens, and sharpies
Favorite Restaurant: Jimmy John's, Opa, Starbucks, and Mad Greens
Favorite Snack: Chocolate covered cashews and salt and vinegar chips
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Store: Target and Michaels
Favorite Flower: Tulips

Mrs. Carol Sotebeer

Favorite Hot Drink: Hot Tea
Favorite Cold Drink: Green Tea - Unsweetened
Favorite School Supply: Markers
Favorite Restaurant: Any!
Favorite Snack: Made Good Granola Bars
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Store: Home Goods & Amazon
Favorite Flower: I love them all!

Mr. Alex Villareal

Favorite Hot Drink: Fika Vanilla Chai with Oat Milk
Favorite Cold Drink: Frozen Lemonade
Favorite School Supply: Duct Tape, Pet Supplies & Sharpies
Favorite Restaurant: Hacienda
Favorite Snack: Sweet and Salty Trail Mix
Favorite Color: Silver & Green
Favorite Store: Target, Walmart & Amazon
Favorite Flower: Plants and seeds for our school garden!